Maintaining good gut health or restoring it when digestive issues or diseases are already existent is key when you want to prevent disease and live longer.

Based on + 500 studies that I reviewed for my peer-reviewed book “The Toxic Microbiome” (2022) I detected a pattern in the literature how a disrupted gut microbiome increases the disease and cancer risk – and how to reverse it.


Here is the 6 step process how the Gut Microbiome contributes to chronic disease development

  1. Diet, lifestyle and environment influence the gut microbiome
  2. Of all factors, a constant diet pattern of too little fiber and high consumption of animal derived and processed foods are the major drivers of a disrupted gut microbiome
  3. Fiber deprived gut microbiota begins to “starve” which results in a disruption of the individual healthy composition and a toxic metabolic shift. This leads to a damaged and degraded intestinal barrier (often called „Leaky Gut“) and enhanced immune system activation
  4. A toxic microbial molecule cocktail (metabolic “signature”) in the gut induces inflammation in intestinal cells and creates a mutagenic and carcinogenic environment that increases the colorectal cancer risk
  5. The Toxic microbial substances even spread systemically throughout the body leading to chronic inflammation in distant organs – and are a breeding ground for all kinds of chronic diseases. The toxic microbial molecule signature and the inflammation can be measured even years before the onset of disease diagnosis predicting e.g. atherosclerosis, cardiovascular and heart disease, colorectal cancer, kidney disease and mortality

In order to stop this process of disease development, it is key to remove the root causes of the toxic microbial molecule production and reestablish and consistently maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

Start with a healthy diet.

More on that in my upcoming seminars and classes!

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Dr. Sarah-Schwitalla
Dr. Sarah Schwitalla

PhD in molekularer Medizin und Biochemie 10 Jahre biomedizinische Krebs-Forschung und Pharmaindustrie Erfahrung TU München, Harvard Medical School, University of Cambridge.


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