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Welcome to the Microbiome Academy - by Dr Sarah Schwitalla

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A digital seminar series / crash course bringing you the latest science and actionable tools from evidence based diet to lifestyle to rebuild a healthy gut microbiome and transform gut health to prevent and treat diseases for maximized wellbeing and longevity

based on relevant scientific studies

founded and created by Dr. Sarah Schwitalla – Scientist. Author. Scientific Advisor

Science based seminars and courses to look forward to


  • Science based diet for a healthy Gut Microbiome – discover the most harmful and the best foods and how to eat for gut health and prevent disease
  • Gut – brain – microbiome connection to beat stress, anxiety and improve brain health
  • Rebuild the Gut Microbiome after antibiotics
  • Answers to The 10 Most Critical Questions about Foods and Diet for gut health
  • Treat Chronic Constipation
  • The best diet for Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Microbiome Science Basics: How the Gut Microbiome triggers chronic disease and how to prevent it
  • Future of Microbiome Diagnostics: do we need to test the gut microbiome? which tests are recommended, what not? what do results mean? how to know if the gut microbiome is healthy
  • The science of treating IBS holistically – 20 strategies to treat pain, bloating and rebuild the microbiome
  • Weight Loss and Blood Sugar control & Gut Health
  • Hashimoto & Gut Health
  • Autism & Gut Health
  • Treating “SIBO” and IBS with diet
  • Female microbiome and gut health
  • Gut Microbiome and Skin Health
  • ADHS & Gut Health
  • Autoimmune disorders & Gut Health
  • ……

Ideal for

  • everyone affected by the mentioned topics and wants to get to know in depth science based actionable approaches to improve gut health for healing and feeling great again
  • health care practitioners and health care industry transformers who want to be up to date with the latest and most relevant science and how to apply it

Do you want to submit questions on a topic to be addressed in the courses or suggest a topic that is not on the list?

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Looking forward to see you in my seminars,


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Discover the most exciting studies and actionable science on Microbiome, Gut-Brain and Nutrition research for healing, wellbeing and longevity

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Dr. Sarah-Schwitalla
Dr. Sarah Schwitalla

PhD in molekularer Medizin und Biochemie 10 Jahre biomedizinische Krebs-Forschung und Pharmaindustrie Erfahrung TU München, Harvard Medical School, University of Cambridge.