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Microbiome & chronic diseases:

cause or correlation?

Current state of evidence

We are less “human” than we think. In fact, only about 40 percent of us consist of human cells, the rest are microbes. The renowned science magazine Nature remarked in 2008 that every human being should speak less of “I” and much more of himself as “we”.

Our bodies consist of at least 60% microbes. We owe them more respect.

Recently, the “microbiome” has received strong attention by research and even mainstream media, because of an unhealthy functional shift of the gut microbiome and the disappearance of certain bacterial species seem to be correlated to a variety of chronic diseases: the leading killers of humanity. This observation has long ceased to be merely correlative, as current research shows.

Gut microbial health is a prerequisite for the prevention of chronic diseases.

A certain microbiome signature may even serve as a predictive marker for determining the risk of developing certain diseases and cancer as first human studies confirm. Human health depends on the health of the human microbiome. But what causes the dramatic change in the microbiome and which evidence-based measures help to maintain the health of the microbiome and thus the health of ourselves? Can the recovery of a healthy microbiome eventually even cure disease?


The evidence is clear: we have the power to fight the rising trend of chronic disease by simple measures: our food choices determine our gut health.


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