Functional GI disorder: irritable bowel syndrome

Current research about risk factors & most effective treatment options


Almost 50% of Germans regularly suffer from chronic digestive disorders, irritable bowel syndrome or functional dyspepsia. Since on average only 30% of those affected talk to a doctor about it, the number of unreported cases is probably significantly higher.

Let's talk frankly about our digestive issues, there is no need to be embarrassed!

Only if we start to understand the root causes and risk factors of our digestive problems and also start to acknowledge the significant role our psyche and our diet plays in the etiology of the syndrome, we will be able to effectively face the condition and finally feel the immense improvement for our quality of life again. 

What is truly effective in treating irritable bowel syndrome? Do probiotics, supplements, low FODMAP diet, gluten-free, a stool transplant or maybe stress reduction methods help?

Evidence based treatment options and effective, supportive strategies.

No side effects.


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