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Chronic digestive diseases & diet

Food safety and dietary habits determine our gut health


Inflammatory bowel diseases, other chronic digestive disorders and colorectal cancer are largely preventable by choosing the right diet, as current studies prove.

We need more trust in scientific facts than in industrial marketing promises or the latest food trends.

Risk factors are industrial foods as well as our modern diet lacking an abundance of natural unprocessed foods. How safe are our foods and what (molecular) risk factors for GI diseases and cancer are hidden in common foods?

How does our current industrialized diet affect gut health and that of the microbiome, namely artificial additives or dietary trends such as Paleo, Keto, Vegan & Co ?

From an evolutionarily perspective, the human digestive system and the gut microbiome is physiologically and anatomically designed to be able to digest certain foods particularly well, while at the same time these also prove to have the greatest benefit for digestion, overall health and longevity – plant-based, unprocessed foods.

Let's trust the power of diet more than the promises of pills.

How can we implement sustainable, healthy and delicious diets for everyone to truly prevent and oftentimes even treat effectively digestive diseases?

Unfortunately, the healthiest foods do not have an ad on tv.

Interesting facts and evidence on risk factors in food and the optimal diet for gut health.

No side effects guaranteed.


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