NF-kB signaling in different stages of intestinal carcinogenesis

NF-kB signaling in different stages of intestinal carcinogenesis

SVH-Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften, Germany (2013)

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“One for all” or “all for one”? – The Necessity for Cancer Stem Cell Diversity in Metastasis formation and Cancer Relapse.

Dittmar, C. Nagler, S. Schwitalla, K. Krause, J. Seidel, G. Reith, B. Niggemann, K.S. Zänker
Stem Cell Biology in Health and Disease : pp 327-356 (2010)

Scientific Papers

Lin28 cooperates with Wnt signaling to drive invasive intestinal and colorectal adenocarcinoma
H.-C. Tu, S. Schwitalla, Z. Qian, G. LaPier, A. Yermalovich, Y.C. Ku, S.C. Chen, S. Viswanathan, H. Zhu, G. Meredith, S. Ogino, C. Fuchs and G. Q. Daley
Genes & Development, May 8 (2015)

High-fat diet-mediated dysbiosis promotes intestinal carcinogenesis independent of obesity
M. D. Schulz, Ç. Atay, J. Heringer, F. K. Romrig, S. Schwitalla, B. Aydin, P.K. Ziegler, J. Varga, W. Reindl, C. Pommerenke, G. Salinas-Riester, A. Böck, C. Alpert, M. Blaut, S. C. Polson, L. Brandl, T. Kirchner, F. R. Greten, S. W. Polson, M. C. Arkan
Nature, Aug 31 (2014)

Tumor cell plasticity- the challenge to catch a moving target
S. Schwitalla
J Gastroenterol, Feb 25 (2014)

IL-6R/STAT3/miR-34a feedback loop promotes EMT-mediated colorectal cancer invasion and metastasis
M. Rocavek, M.G.Öner, H.Li, R. Jackstadt, J. Longchang, D. Lodygin, M. Kaller, D. Horst, P.Ziegler, S. Schwitalla, J. Slotta-Huspenina, F.G. Bader, F.G. Greten, H. Hermeking
J Clin Invest, Mar 18 pii:73531 (2014)

ROS Production and NF-κB Activation Triggered by RAC1 Facilitate WNT-Driven Intestinal Stem Cell Proliferation and Colorectal Cancer Initiation.
K.B. Myant, P. Cammareri, E.J. McGhee, R.A. Ridgway, D.J. Huels, S. Schwitalla, G. Kalna, E.-L. Ogg, D. Athineos, P. Timpson, F.R. Greten, K.I. Anderson, O.J. Sansom
Cell Stem Cell Jun 6;12(6):761-73 (2013)

Intestinal tumorigenesis initiated by dedifferentiation and acquisition of stem-cell-like properties.
S. Schwitalla, A.A. Fingerle, T. Nebelsiek, S.I. Göktuna, J. Heijmans, P. Cammareri, D.J. Huels, G. Moreaux, R.A. Rupec, M. Gerhard, R. Lang, J. Neumann, T. Kirchner, N. Barker, H. Clevers, O.J. Sansom, M.M. Taketo, G.R. van den Brink, M.C. Arkan and F.R. Greten
Cell Jan 17;152(1-2):25-38 (2013)

Loss of p53 in enterocytes generates an inflammatory microenvironment enabling invasion and lymph node metastasis of carcinogen-induced colorectal tumors
S. Schwitalla, P. Ziegler, D. Horst, V. Becker, I. Kerle, Y. Begus-Nahrmann, A. Lechel, K.L. Rudolph, F.G. Bader, O. Prazeres da Costa, M.F. Neurath, A. Meining, T. Kirchner and F.R. Greten
Cancer Cell Jan 14;23(1):93-106 (2013)

TNF-{alpha}-dependent loss of IKK{beta}-deficient myeloid progenitors triggers a cytokine loop culminating in granulocytosis
A.K. Mankan, O. Canli, S. Schwitalla, P. Ziegler, J. Tschopp, T. Korn and F.R. Greten
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 108(16):6567-6572 (2011)

Characterization of hybrid cells derived from spontaneous fusion events between breast epithelial cells exhibiting stem-like characteristics and breast cancer cells.
T. Dittmar, S. Schwitalla, J. Seidel, S. Haverkampf, G. Reith, S. Meyer-Staeckling, B. H Brandt, B. Niggemann, K.S. Zänker
Clinical & Experimental Metastasis. 28(1):75-90 (2010)

Recurrence cancer stem cells – Made by cell fusion?
T. Dittmar, C. Nagler, S. Schwitalla, G. Reith, B. Niggemann, K.S. Zänker
Medical Hypotheses 73(4):542-547 (2009)

gp130-Mediated Stat3 Activation in Enterocytes Regulates Cell Survival and Cell- Cycle Progression during Colitis-Associated Tumorigenesis.
J. Bollrath, T.J. Phesse, V.A. von Burstin, T. Putoczki, M. Bennecke, T. Bateman, T. Nebelsiek, T. Lundgren-May, O. Canli, S. Schwitalla, V. Matthews, R.M. Schmid, T. Kirchner, M.C. Arkan, M. Ernst and F.R. Greten
Cancer Cell 15(2):91-102 (2009)

Viscum Album extracts ISCADOR®P and ISCADOR®M counteract the growth factor induced effects in human follicular B-NHL cells and breast cancer cells.
F. Hugo, S. Schwitalla, B. Niggemann, K.S. Zänker, T. Dittmar
MEDICINA (Buenos Aires) 67: 90-96 (2007)


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