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“My vision is a world in which the prevention of dietary and lifestyle associated chronic diseases will be natural in our society. Public health measures, consumer education and protection rather than aggressive promotion of industrial foods and drug based treatments with huge side effects should be number one on the agenda of national health care systems around the world.”

“Health should be the default state in every society. Knowledge about disease prevention and environmental risk factors is key for everyone. It’s the only chance we have to counteract the globally rising trend in chronic digestive diseases”

Health is our most valuable asset which enables us to be active and happy members of our society.

About Dr. Sarah Schwitalla

Dr. Sarah Schwitalla holds a PhD in biochemistry & molecular oncology. She is an independent Scientific Advisor, Science Educator & Founder of the Center for interdisciplinary Gut Health. Dr. Schwitalla used to work as a cancer researcher and Public Health officer.

As a teenager she decided to become a scientist to “cure cancer”. She started her career in basic research when she was 19 and did molecular cancer research as a scientist for more than 8 years in the USA (Harvard University) and Germany (TU Munich). Main areas of research remain colorectal cancer, intestinal stem cells, gut microbiome, inflammatory bowel diseases and inflammatory bowel syndrome incl. the gut-brain-axis.

She also worked as a Public Health Officer & Scientific Advisor for rural development NGOs in various countries in the field of education and women empowerment. Subsequently, she gained experience as a Scientifc Advisor & Manager at a leading international pharmaceutical company.

Inspired by her professional scientific education and “real world” public health experience she founded the “Center for interdisciplinary Gut Health” in order to provide modern digital support offers, independent consultung services and education about the latest scientific evidence to patients and health care professionals.

Here to Dr. Schwitalla’s core topics

Dr. Schwitalla’s Newsletter service, her audio podcast “Darmsprechstunde” (available on iTunes, Spotify or Google podcasts), YouTube channel (Dr.Schwitalla) and social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook provide regular gut health inspirations, plant based recipes and new insights from research studies to all audiences.

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“Health should be our default state. 

Knowledge about disease prevention and environmental risk factors is key for everyone. It’s the only chance we have to counteract the globally rising trend in chronic digestive diseases”

For more effective prevention and treatment of chronic digestive diseases and functional GI disorders, we need to look much more into the causes. This includes a fundamental understanding about risk factors, the molecular process of disease development and also about the ” microbiome “*. In fact, the microbiome may be a promising predictor of chronic disease development.

Our health is directly dependent on the health of our microbiome*: we are less human than microbial.

We need a paradigm shift: our focus should be on nutrition and health education as the most powerful and cost effective, preventive measure.

Prevention measures and personalized medicine can perfectly complement each other.

This requires informed consumers, but also a daily environment in which the execution of prevention measures is made easy for everyone. Ideally, there is a seamless collaboration, between all relevant health sectors to protect the public health: medicine, scientific research, digital health, diagnostics, public health authorities and policy makers.

Knowledge is not enough: we must apply what we learn from the scientific reserach.

It is my desire to give no side-effect, inspiring and motivating impulses drawn from the latest scientific evidence in order to support effective prevention of chronic digestive diseases and cancer.

We need more faith in the power of nutrition than in pills.

Particularly in view of the global increase of chronic diseases we need a more effective and cost-efficient solution to this epidemic than our current merely effective drug strategy in order to protect public health and our health care systems.

Dietary prevention is cheap, highly effective and has no side effects.

*The microbiome comprises all microorganisms (including their genetic potential) on and in our body.

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